This is a great idea. The beanie looks cool on my gal and now she looks wireless as she pedals around town.

– Zachary: Reno, Nevada

It does what it says. The Nano fits well in its little pouch and the speakers work well. It’s a nice way to listen to music/books while walking/jogging, without fussing with wires.

– Brooke: West Chester, Pennsylvania

This product has a nice concept: infuse a stylish beanie with high-quality sound, eliminating the need for headphones and an arm band to carry an iPod. As a regular runner, I was excited by this concept.

– Gwendolyn: Houston, Texas

Craftsmanship is amazing, high quality threads, and quite comfortable. You can go to the gym, lift weights, have no cords to deal with! You can bench with dumbbells, get up, over head press, squat, then whatever, all without worrying about knocking your iPod phones off, and you have a cool warm beanie to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Perfect!

– Jason: North Carolina

When I got a chance to have the i360 Music Infused Beanie, I was very glad since I am a jogger, and I run with an iPod all the time….This beanie looks stylish and warm.

– Kim: Champaign, Illinois

The built in speakers mean no dangling white wires getting in the way of your swinging arms, your ski poles, etc. The sound is just as good as the iPod ear buds the Nano came with, maybe even better.

– Steve: Colorado

…it’s quite a serviceable solution for those wanting to run around or be out and about with a hat and not wanting to worry about carrying earphones with them.

– Ryan: Seattle, Washington

You’ll be happy to hear both my son and I have posted on Facebook how much we love the toques, and even included a link to your site! His friends all say they want one now. I think you’d end up with a lot of Canadian customers. It’s really is cold up here!!

– Ryan: Alberta, Canada

I purchased a white i360 Headband for my sister-in-law for Christmas and she absolutely loved it! She has been searching for a headband that she can wear year-round that won’t make her ears hurt from her iPod headphones and this was perfect. She is now using it every day while she runs and works out. I plan on purchasing these as gifts for any of my friends and family that are active this coming year.

– Jennifer: Antioch, Tennessee

Just wanted to let you know the i360 beanie allowed me to race for 24 hours during the Bridges of the Butte townie bike race. Temps dropped into the low 40′s around 2:00am and I was able to stay warm with great tunes playing until the sun came up. Thanks again, without the i360 there is no way I could have stayed on my bike for that long!!! Music feeds the soul.

– Mike: Crested Butte, Colorado

I also tried out the Music Infused Headband and it served 2 purposes for me. When I go to the gym, I wear a headband to keep my hair out of my face. I was able to do that and listen to my iPod at the same time! It’s a great product.

– Jennifer S